Master Huang Xingxian – Huang Sheng Shyan

taiji master huang xingxian sheng shyan

Master Huang Xingxian or Huang Sheng Shyan (1910 -1992) studied White Crane (White Crane) and Nei Gung Lohanquan (Taoist practice interior) with Master Xie Zhongxian. In 1947 he became a student of Zheng Manqing – Chen Man Ching. In his life he taught more than 10000 students across the South East Asia and focused on a small group of his best students to convey the deepest core of his teaching.

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What is true spirit of Tai Ji?

Good and famous masters of Tai Ji teach the same stuff but students will learn differently. This is because students differ in natural endowment and physical make-up. The real acquisition of the art is not in just mastering the external forms but also in mastering the principles and philosophy. The learner must be a man of reason having learnt, practised and understood the art successfully. He applies those principles and philosophy to his daily life. He will not take unfair advantage or be selfish. He is wholeheartedly devoted to Tai Ji. He shares the founder’s spirit of striving for mankind to be physically and mentally healthy. This would be the true Tai Ji spirit.

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Three armonies, internal ed external

– internal: Spirit (Shen) with Intention (Yi), Intention with subtle energy (Qi), subtle energy with body energy (Jing).

– external: shoulders and inguinal regions, elbows and knees, hands and feet.

Grand Master Zheng Manqing – Chen Man Ching – Teacher of Master Huang Xingxian