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Patrick A. Kelly began Taiji in 1973 and was the only Westerner to be admitted as a personal student of the legendary Master Huang Xingxian – Huang Sheng Shyan (1979 to 1992, when the master died). At the same time he worked closely for 14 years with the Sufi Naqshibandi Sage Gnostic Abdullah Dougan and for 30 years with the Raja Yogi Mouni Maharaj of Rajasthan, both until their deaths. Patrick embodies so the meeting point of three major esoteric currents (Asian, Indian and Eastern Europe) and he is, through his teaching around the world, a gateway to the genuine path to ourselves.

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What are the most important things to train on the different levels??

“The aim is to unite the levels, not to work exclusively on any one of them. People should first learn how to move smoothly in their body, then how to release and align, then to find the forces in the body – combining all these with the mind. All this is for the mind-body co-ordination. Just body training barely has any place in Taiji. Then there is training for mind-energy co-ordination and later for the deepest part of the mind. Simultaneously the Deep Mind connection with the Spirit can be allowed to grow.”

In terms of the mind, what are you teaching?

“It is possible to say something but real understanding comes from training. There is awareness and intention on many levels from superficial to very deep. Awareness and intention combine and interact to produce response. Commonly people train some sort of awareness in Taiji but they seldom train the intention. Action with awareness implies body active, mind passive, while action with intention implies mind active, body passive. The special training of the mind intention (Yi) was quite deliberately kept secret by the old masters. Master Huang and Master Ma, for example, kept it just for their inner school pupils, only passing it on to a few of their thousands of students. Because of this the method of developing intention is not usually found in the training either in China or the West, yet strangely, in the Classics it is stated as the most important thing. Even when it is taught, students must practise for a long time before they begin to find it for themselves and take it deeper.”

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