Sylvia Tambellini – Founder

Sylvia Tambellini – Founder of the school

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As a small child, I felt very in touch with a deeper reality and as a young woman I searched and searched to refind that which I had felt, I took courses and studied, and travelled everywhere but nothing ever really convinced me that it was the direction I should follow . I was completely taken by sufism but I needed something which would make the reality of being in a body substantial. Sufism made my heart open and fly but it did not give me any ground to stand on. I began taiji in the Tung school in 1991. I went to Malaysia several times and studied with 5 ot 6 teachers. All were Yang style, except 3 very disciplined months doing Chen style.

silvia tambellini

As strange as things can be, I was told to go and find Patrick Kelly by a woman in a field in India. I wrote and asked him if I could come to a seminar. He said I wasn’t prepared. I told him I taught taiji and he said I wasn’t prepared . I asked him to give me a chance, I could do the long form backwards. Finally, he said yes. From the very day I met Patrick Kelly, I realized I didn’t know taiji and I knew I was  in touch with a true teacher who had  refined a method and wanted to transmit it as well as it was transmitted to him by Master Huang of Malaysia. My only hope is that  I can transmit this method with some integrity. Taiji to me is an ancient and subtle art that if done as it was correctly transmitted will bring you to a deeper reality. I have been studying with Patrick Kelly since 1999 and continue to study with him as much as I can. Sylvia Tambellini

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