Zheng Manqing – Cheng Man Ching

zheng manqing cheng man ching

GrandMaster Zheng Manqing or Cheng Man-ch’ing (Cheng Man Ching) (1901 – 1975) was known as the Master of the 5 Excellences, for his skill in Taiji, painting, poetry, writing, and in Chinese medicine, never tired of learning with the curiosity of a child. Reached the age of 75 years,ready to continue his journey, he said: “should I die I’ll have no regrets”. It was the way to greet his loved ones, he was found dead that night, serene as if asleep.

Investing in loss encompasses many meanings, one of which is the key to the correct process of deep learning. We all, except perhaps those under the third force of the sun, begin an inner journey to get something: combat skills, better health, more self-esteem and respect from others, psychic powers, etc.. It’s normal; ego constantly asks how the practice can increase its chances of survival, and how in this way can achieve “self” and to be loved by everybody, how to develop psychic abilities to be “more” than others. However at some point in the practice, supported by the deep part that starts to wake up and by genuine masters, inner guides, superior forces, it is necessary to remove that ego’s process and point directly to the inner development, leaving all the benefits of the practice as side effects, without paying too much attention to them.
The enemy uses all its external strength and speed, in response the student can use his and try to get an immediate ego’s victory over the opponent. All the student’s learning will be so focused on the development and how to have the best physical strength and speed, to achieve “victory” today. Or he can invest in loss, with a strong connection to the deep part and a strong intention he can continue to try to generate deep responses and not to react superficially, reactivating the superficial mind. Through the interaction between Deep Mind awareness and Deep Mind intention, in the perspective of the made failures, the Deep Mind intelligence will be gradually developed. Abandoning ourselves for a long time to externally loss and develop the proper inner investment, finally free from the ego that wants everything immediately, the Deep Mind, first, and the Spirit, later, may express, practically speaking, with no limit.

“If you want to be or look good at what you do, simply continue to (successfully) do what you know, if you want to go deeper, keep connected with the deep part and look for something that is beyond your reach”
Patrick A. Kelly quote by memory

Master Huang Xingxian – Huang Sheng Shyan – Student of GM Zheng Manqing – Cheng Man Ching